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Director’s Message

Welcome to our website.
This museum was established in order to exhibit the fine arts and crafts of Ishikawa, a Prefecture whose culture of fine arts and traditional crafts compares with that of Tokyo and Kyoto.
Our policy is to be a regional oriented museum.

Our collections vary from old fine art works,related to Ishikawa or Kaga-Maeda family, to modern Japanese art: paintings, oil paintings, sculptures, traditional arts and crafts whose artists have something to do with Ishikawa Prefecture.
These works are on display in our seven permanent exhibition halls.

Why don't you come and enjoy these items and any special exhibitions that are on at the time.
We will be waiting for your visit.


On December 19, 2019, Director Shimasaki Susumu died due to sudden illness. 87 years of age. In 1959, he joined the preparatory office of the former Ishikawa Prefectural Museum of Art. Since then, he has been involved in museum management for 60 years, and since 1991 has been dedicated not only to museums but also to the art administration of our prefecture as director. The museum will continue to take over the legacy of Director Shimasaki, and continue to strive to create an art museum that is rich in locality and pursues the uniqueness of Ishikawa.

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