Museum Shop

Ishikawa Prefecture is known for its craftsmanship. The shop offers unique reproductions, duplications, and miniature replicas.
The shop offers a wide range of goods, such as postcards and stationery to art books, please feel free to browse through our selection.

Museum Shop

Our Products

● Catalogs

Exhibition Catalogs are available at the shop.
Catalogs are available for mail order.

● Postcards

We have a wide variety of works, mostly from our collection. ¥50 each

● Small Notepaper

Three designs available; Morikage Kusumi's Bamboo and Rabbits, Kutani, and Pheasant. ¥300 each

● Clear Files

Two designs available. ¥300 each

● T-shirts

We offer a design of a National treasure《Pheasant Incense Burner》. The SML size is available for ¥2,500 each.

● Plate with stripes

This design is inspired by the Noh Costumes at the museum. Matching plates are also available. 5-piece set for ¥13,200

● Traditional Kutani Style Decorative Dish

Small plates modeled after Kutani wares in the Museum Collection. Various designs available. ¥935

● Kutani Decorative Dish

Hand-painted reproductions of various Kutani plates in the museum's collection. Various designs available. Includes a plate stand. ¥8,250