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With the help of Traditional Arts and Crafts Industry Cooperative, we have developed some unique reproductions, duplications, and miniature replicas, and these are sold at the museum shop along with other original goods.
These goods make great gifts for youself, or the people back home.
Come and have a look at the picture postcards, telephone cards, envelopes, and art books, too.

Major products

Miniature Iro-e (Polychrome Overglaze) Pheasant Incense Burner, replica Iro-e Flower Embellished Festival Hat Shaped Incense Case, miniature Ko-kutani Iro-e Phoenix Design Shallow Bowl, reproduction Maki-e (Gold Lacquer) Deer & Bush Clover Design Writing Box, Kaga Yuzen silk dying, Kaga Zogan (inlay work), Yamanaka lacquer ware, Futamata Washi, and glass works.

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