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Hirosaka Annex

Hirosaka Annex

The Hirosaka Annex was originally built in 1922 as housing for the director general of the Ninth Division of the Imperial Japanese Army. After the war, it was used to house American military officers, as the Kanazawa Family Court, as the prefectural children’s center, as a bird sanctuary, and as a resting area. Even today, the building’s entrance still retains its old-fashioned style.

In 2008, the Japanese-style rooms and other parts of the building were renovated, and new exhibition equipment and features were installed, for the building’s reopening as the Hirosaka Annex of the Ishikawa Prefectural Museum of Art. In 2016, it underwent construction work for earthquake-proofing, and a new guidance room was built for the relocated Conservation and Restoration Studio of Cultural Properties, as part of the combined renovation work for the Hirosaka Annex and the adjacent Studio.

Facility Information
Multi-Purpose Room
Multi-Purpose Room

This room seats roughly thirty, with a charming old-fashioned atmosphere. In addition to serving as a venue for meetings or lectures, the room also offers picture rails for use as a mini-gallery.

Japanese-Style Rooms
Japanese-Style Rooms

Two Japanese-style rooms are available (6- and 8-tatami-mat-sized) with attached mizuya preparation areas and hiroen areas. They are ideal for tea ceremony, and can be used for other purposes, as well.

Restoration Studio Guidance Room

Visitors can learn about the restoration work process through videos or informational panels, or use a touchscreen display to watch videos of past restoration work.

Facility Visits

Hours 9:30 am to 5:00 pm
(Admission only up to 4:30 pm)

New year holidays

※Facility may be closed on other dates due to special events, etc. If you plan to visit, please check beforehand if the facility will be open.
Please note that there may not be any artisans at work on some days.

Requests to Rent Rooms

Room rentals are available: the multi-purpose room (free) and the Japanese-style rooms (¥2,400 per day, or ¥1,460 per half-day). Reservations are available up to one year in advance. Note that there is a set procedure for requests to rent rooms at the facility.
For details, please contact the Hirosaka Annex directly at +81-76-221-8810.

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